Sister Lucía Caram’s Invulnerables project returns to visit the supporters’ clubs

“Alongside supporters’ clubs, we have achieved very important milestones,” says Sister Lucía Caram, who leads this talk on child poverty and seeks to guarantee equal opportunities

The Sociocultural Commission of the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation is once again making the Invulnerables conference available to supporters’ clubs. Presented by Sister Lucía Caram, the solidarity talk begins its journey throughout the territory by visiting the Barcelona supporters’ clubs.

“For years, alongside supporters’ clubs, we have joined forces in the fight against child poverty, equalizing opportunities and promoting the values ​​that make us the Barcelona family. It is an honor and a privilege for the Confederation to count on me. We have done many miles together talking about solidarity, commitment and achieving very important goals. I am grateful for the trust and I want to continue to tread the territory in the hands of the supporters’ clubs, as they are what make Barça ‘More than a Club’: because they are present, they have a great capacity for capillarity, and they help us to transmit the values ​​from kilometer 0 ”, comments Sister Lucía Caram.

A traveling project

Invulnerables” is a talk that raises awareness about child poverty and the need for co-responsibility. It is a program that works to ensure equality for children, breaking the circle of hereditary poverty and promoting public-private collaboration. The differentiating element is the networking between the agents of the territory, in which the supporters’ clubs and play a key role. Therefore, all those entities interested in hosting the conference at their headquarters, must make the application through their Federation or directly with the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation. The aim of strengthening the link with Sister Lucía Caram is to continue to add value to the supporters’ clubs that are so characteristic of the Confederation.

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