Blaugrana champions in Penyes Football Tournaments around the world

The PB Lleó de Dues Cues, the PB Familia Blaugrana Panamá and the PB Japan have won their respective supporters’ clubs competitions in their countries.

On an international level, it is common to see the organization of tournaments between supporters’ clubs from the same country or region that support different teams. These are competitions where excitement and fair play reign, but also where each penya defends its club colors with great passion and pride. Recently, three of these tournaments have crowned the FCB World Federation’s penyes as champions. They were the Penya Barcelonista Lleó de Dues Cues, the Peña Familia Blaugrana de Panamá and the Peña FCB Japan.

Title revalidated

The PB Lleó de Dues Cues faced the Czechoslovak Penyes Football Tournament with the aim of retaining the title they won last year. And so it was. The Czech supporters’ club competed, among others, with penyes from Juventus, Milan and Everton, and even played a “clásico” against the Real Madrid supporters’ club. After making it through the group stage and all the knockout rounds, the PB Lleó de Dues Cues beat the FC Koln supporters’ club to lift the championship trophy once again.

The victory was the icing on the cake of a Czechoslovak Penyes Football Tournament with a clear blaugrana protagonism. . The competition was sponsored by Milan Petržela, former Viktoria Pilsen player, who was present during the matches and showed a Leo Messi shirt exchanged with the Argentine in a match in 2011.

Champions in Panama and Japan

Another supporters’ club that lifted a trophy was the Peña Familia Blaugrana de Panamá, who won the Liga Interpeñas de Panamá 2024. This competition is played over two months and pits 10 Panama penyes from teams such as Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Boca Juniors and River Plate, among others, against each other. After all the games played, the PB Familia Blaugrana de Panamá finished in first position thanks to their victory in the last game against the Manchester United supporters’ club. In 2022, the blaugrana penya also won the Interpeñas League in their country.

On the other side of the world, in Japan, the Penya FCB Japan was also proclaimed champion of another competition between supporters’ clubs. In this case, it was a futsal tournament in which local supporters’ clubs from Valencia, Atlético de Madrid, Celta and Real Sociedad took part, as well as some teams from the region near Tokyo where it was played. For the second consecutive year, the team formed by members of the PB Japan won the tournament.