PB Dakar celebrates the 1st anniversary with the finale of its 1st Football Tournament

Eight children’s teams took part in the competition organised by the Senegalese supporters’ club, which commemorated its first year of official status with a special ceremony

The Penya Blaugrana Dakar (FCB World Federation) had a very special day for its supporters last Saturday. The Senegalese penya commemorated its first year as an official supporters’ club, coinciding with the key date of one of the great initiatives it has promoted during this time: the finale of its 1st Football Tournament. This project has been promoted thanks to all the members of the supporters’ club and to the sponsorship of its honorary president, the former Senegalese international player Mamadou Lamino Mboup. The day of celebration was led by Mayte, president of the PB Dakar, who gave a welcome and appreciation speech to all those present on a day that culminated with the blowing out of the cake commemorating the 1st anniversary of the penya.

Football for a month and a half

The 1st PB Dakar Children’s Football Tournament started on 11 May and ended on Saturday 29 June. The competition saw the participation of eight teams from the Dakar region, who played against each other to define the two finalists of the tournament: Entente Centenaire Gibraltar and Challenge Foot. After a very close and exciting match that had to be settled in a penalty shoot-out, the Entente Centenaire Gibraltar team was proclaimed champion.

As a prelude to the grand finale, a match was played between the members of the PB Dakar and a group of former players of the Senegal national football team. In addition, the penya also presented the individual tournament awards and medals, all with the presence of the former players of the Senegalese national team, who were one of the great attractions of the day. The PB Dakar has promoted this tournament with the main objective of encouraging sport among the youngest members of the club and to promote Barça passion, and the result has been a great success. The Senegalese supporters are already preparing the next actions for the 2024-25 season, which has just started.