The 3×3 Championship of the PB Calaf i Comarca breaks records on its 20th anniversary

The 20th edition of the 3×3 Football Championship that the Penya Barcelonista de Calaf i Comarca (Federació Anoia, Alt Penedès and Garraf) organises every second weekend of July beat its record number of players and teams. In total, more than 430 players took part in 92 teams, many of them from Calaf, but also from … Read more

Anniversaries in PB Solera Calella and PB Traiguera

One of the longest active supporters’ clubs, the Penya Solera Barcelonista de Calella (Federació Maresme), celebrated its 66th anniversary last weekend with a double event in its town. he first was the usual fanfare and popular dinner that the penya organises every year on Passeig Manuel Puigvert, which brings together hundreds of Calella residents and … Read more

Non-stop futsal tournaments at PB Montmeló

In line with its tradition, the Penya Blaugrana de Montmeló once again organised its futsal marathons at the Pau Casals School Pavilion, in its town. Once again, the organisation of the Federació de Penyes del Vallès showed its commitment to this form of football by bringing together men’s and women’s teams respectively for a long-distance … Read more

The 2nd Kings Lliga of the PB Anglès grows in terms of teams and duration

With the arrival of summer, sports tournaments take centre stage among all the activities organised by FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs, especially those aimed at youngsters. In fact, there are some events that become an event in their region, as demonstrated by the Kings Lliga that the Penya Blaugrana de Anglès (Federació Gironès, Selva, Garrotxa i … Read more

Chapter 12 – The letters of the Penya “All i Oli” in 1929

The Penya All i Oli was a supporters’ club based in Barcelona that had a football team and was mainly dedicated to playing matches and organising some events. But they were also people who knew a lot about diplomacy: before asking the FC Barcelona board for something, they sent polite letters to open the doors … Read more

Success of the XXI Meeting of Penyes of Tarragona Nord in La Selva del Camp

The recently started 2024-25 season has already experienced its first big gathering of FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs. It was the XXI Meeting of Penyes of Tarragona Nord, which took place last Sunday in the town of La Selva del Camp. The event was organised by the Federació de Penyes de Tarragona Nord and the host … Read more

PB Dakar celebrates the 1st anniversary with the finale of its 1st Football Tournament

The Penya Blaugrana Dakar (FCB World Federation) had a very special day for its supporters last Saturday. The Senegalese penya commemorated its first year as an official supporters’ club, coinciding with the key date of one of the great initiatives it has promoted during this time: the finale of its 1st Football Tournament. This project … Read more

Blaugrana champions in Penyes Football Tournaments around the world

On an international level, it is common to see the organization of tournaments between supporters’ clubs from the same country or region that support different teams. These are competitions where excitement and fair play reign, but also where each penya defends its club colors with great passion and pride. Recently, three of these tournaments have … Read more

The Confederació Mundial de Penyes took part in the 20th National Congress of Aficiones Unidas

The Confederació Mundial de Penyes del FC Barcelona, representing the blaugrana supporters’ club collective, once again took part in the National Supporters’ Clubs Congress of Aficiones Unidas, which was held for the 20th time. The event took place in Cadiz last weekend and was attended by more than 850 supporters from 30 federations of supporters’ … Read more

The VIII Literary Contest of the PB Foment Martinenc is announced

The Penya Blaugrana Foment Martinenc (Federació Barcelonès Est) has launched the VIII edition of its Literary Contest. Once again, the blaugrana organization is calling on all penya members, associates and Barça fans in general to demonstrate their narrative skills by writing a short story in which Barça plays a leading role of some kind. The … Read more