Culer devotion at PB Kerala’s “La Fiesta 3.0”

The members of the Indian supporters’ club held their annual meeting, which included activities such as talks and debates, as well as a turf football tournament.

The Penya del Barça Kerala (FCB World Federation) recently experienced one of the most anticipated days of each year for all members of the Indian supporters’ club. It is the so called “La Fiesta”, a multitudinous meeting of culers that this year celebrated its 3.0 edition with another great success of participation. The event took place last Saturday in the city of Kozhikode, in the southwest of India, where the PB Kerala has its headquarters, and once again demonstrated that the blaugrana feeling is very intense in this country.

Full day with various activities

The first stage of “La Fiesta 3.0” of PB Kerala was in an assembly hall in the city, where the attendees met in the morning to share a day full of activities of all kinds. Among other things, there were presentations, talks and debates about FC Barcelona and everything surrounding its current affairs, as well as more playful activities such as games for all participating members. All of them also shared a fraternal meal.

The final part of “La Fiesta 3.0” moved to the facilities of a nearby turf football pitch, where the PB Kerala members played a friendly tournament where the good atmosphere and the desire to have fun reigned. It was the perfect ending to a day that not only served to strengthen the blaugrana bonds between the members of the PB Kerala, but also to contact for the first time with some of them who until now had not been able to participate in person. All of them are already looking forward to a new edition of “La Fiesta” next year.