The PB Eslovaca Alts Tatras brings together supporters of all ages at the 2024 Summer Meeting

The penya organised activities for all ages during a festive and very special weekend for all attendees.

Last weekend, the Penya Barcelonista Eslovaca dels Alts Tatras (FCB World Federation) spent three days full of blaugrana passion and unity among its members on the occasion of its 2024 Summer Meeting. Coinciding with Children’s Day, which in Slovakia is celebrated on 1 June, the supporters’ club offered the members and their families an entire weekend in Liptovská Štiavnica, surrounded by nature. This is an activity that has already become a tradition for the PB Eslovaca Alts Tatras to welcome the summer, which is why the supporters are particularly looking forward to it.

During the stay, the club organised activities designed for all ages, with a special focus on the youngest members, who enjoyed the whole weekend and ended up being the stars of the show. For example, there was a football match between children and adults (with a win for the youngest), as well as a great raffle of all kinds of products for those who attended. There was also a fraternal barbecue on the last night before saying goodbye. In this way, the PB Eslovaca Alts Tatras once again underlined the blaugrana communion among its members, and also took special care of the new generations of culers in Slovakia. All the participants are already looking forward to a new edition of the Summer Meeting, which will be in the year 2025.

The PB Lleó de Dues Cues is also preparing its Gathering

ot too far away from the meeting place of the PB Eslovaca Alts Tatras, specifically about 250 kilometres to the west and already in the territory of the Czech Republic, another entity of the FCB World Federation is also preparing a big event with its members. This is the Penya Barcelonista Lleó de Dues Cues, which on 13 July will hold the Great Summer Gathering 2024 in Žabčice. The programme includes various activities of the penya, a review of the season, a fraternal meal, a raffle of gifts and also a match between the penya members and the local football team. He has also reserved some surprises for the attendees.

The PB Lleó de Dues Cues does not restrict attendance at the Great Summer Gathering 2024 to its members, but opens the event to any supporters who wish to participate. Those interested can join a WhatsApp group created specifically for this purpose.