Moroccan penyes unite to provide aid after the earthquake

The supporters’ clubs have appealed for blood donations and are collecting food, clothing and basic necessities for those affected by the earthquake

The terrible earthquake that shook central Morocco last Friday prompted a swift reaction from all the penyes in the country. Coordinated by the head of the FCB World Federation in Africa and president of the Penya Gent Blaugrana d’Anfa, Youssef Bennani, the 11 blaugrana organisations quickly called an extraordinary assembly in which they agreed to allocate all their resources for social actions to help those affected by this terrible event. To this, they have added the individual donations of many supporters who have also wanted to contribute their bit.

The importance of penya members

One of the first actions taken by the supporters’ clubs was to call on all their members to donate blood to be used for the country’s health centres. Given the large number of injured, this has become a priority that the Moroccan FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs have taken very much into account. On the other hand, all the supporters’ clubs are joining forces to acquire and collect food, clothes, and basic necessities for the affected population. In addition to milk, flour, oil, canned food and tea, provision has been made for jackets, socks, boots, and blankets, as well as nappies and baby wipes. Their transport and distribution are also being coordinated by the penya members themselves.

The 11 supporters’ clubs that are participating in these aid actions are: Penya Blaugrana de Marrakech, Penya Gent Blaugrana Anfa, Penya Barcelonista de Kenitra, Penya Blaugrana Rabat Atlantic, Penya Gent Blaugrana Meknès, Penya Gent Blaugrana Tanger, Penya Barcelonista de Tanger, Penya ADN Blaugrana de Chaouen, Penya Barcelonista Tetouan, Penya Barcelonista Laâyoune and Penya Blaugrana Mazagan.

International donations

In addition to their own initiatives, the Barcelonista supporters’ clubs in Morocco are also spreading the word about the main channel of help for all those who wish to contribute in the form of a financial contribution from anywhere in the world. The Moroccan government has opened a special fund to which bank transfers can be made with the following details:

  • IBAN: MA64 001 810 00 780 002 011 062 03 18
  • Beneficiary: Ministerial Treasurer of the Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Beneficiary’s bank: Bank Al-Maghrib
  • Concept of the transfer: Contribution to the special fund 126