Help us raise funds for the Food Bank!

The World Confederation of Supporters Clubs is launching an online donation campaign to help families in need

Once again, the World Confederation of Supporters’ Clubs is showing its spirit of solidarity and focusing on the most disadvantaged people. And it does so hand in hand with the Food Bank Foundation (Banc dels Aliments), with which the blaugrana organisation has been collaborating practically since its creation. In this case, the Confederation has decided to create an online fundraising campaign, in which anyone can make an economic contribution that will be transformed into basic foodstuffs that will be distributed to those families most in need.

With the launch of this online campaign, the Confederation encourages its 30 territorial Federations and the over 1,250 supporters’ clubs that they bring together to also participate in it. Any contribution, whether from supporters’ clubs, Club members, Barcelona fans or anyone who identifies with this cause will be more than welcome. In this way, the aim is to provide muscle to the Food Bank at a particularly sensitive time, marked by the effects of the pandemic that have increased the number of people with difficulties in accessing food.

A long-standing commitment

Collaboration with the Food Bank has been and continues to be central to the Solidarity Council of the World Confederation of Supporters’ Clubs. It began with the celebration of the Club Member Solidarity Day, where more than 18,000 people donated food at Camp Nou, and continued with other campaigns and donations. During the 2020 confinement due to Covid-19, the Confederation donated 800 kg of baby food for more than 5,500 children to the Food Bank, and a donation of 5,000 euros was made at the last World Congress of Penyes.

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