The paddle tournaments regain the spotlight among the penyes 

The Penya Barcelonista Solsona i Comarca organized its 2nd Paddle Tournament 12h, while the final of the PB Isona i Conca Dellà competition took place in August.

The paddle tournaments are still one of the favorite activities in the eyes of the penyes movement. This fact was already evident before the arrival of the pandemic, and now regains prominence with the start of a new season without any restrictions. One of the latest examples took place last weekend at the Olin Padel facilities in Olius (Lleida), which were the scene of the 2nd Paddle Tournament 12h of the Penya Barcelonista Solsona i Comarca.  

The entity belonging to the Federació Ponent Nord gathered there around 25 couples, distributed in two categories, who competed for 12 hours. They did it in a relaxed atmosphere, marked by fair play and the common Barcelona feeling. The winners won an official FC Barcelona jersey. There was also the collaboration of local organizations and businesses, as usual in the PB Solsona i Comarca events.  

More tournaments

Another supporters’ clubs that has bet on paddle tennis has been the Penya Barcelonista Isona i Conca Dellà, also from the Federació Ponent Nord. In August, the club saw the long-awaited final of its Christmas Padel Tournament, which had to be postponed, finally take place. On the other hand, there are entities that have already planned their competitions for this autumn. This is the case of the Penya Barcelonista Tiana, of the Federació del Maresme, which is planning to hold its paddle tournament during the month of November.  

Both the Confederació Mundial de Penyes and the different territorial federations and their supporters’ clubs aim to continue promoting the practice of paddle, as well as other sporting, recreational and cultural activities.