PB Igualada promotes culture and history for its 65th anniversary

The Penya Blaugrana d’Igualada (Federació de Penyes d’Anoia, Alt Penedès and Garraf) is immersed in the celebrations of its 65th anniversary, and this week has carried out two events marked by the cultural and historical promotion to all its supporters and also to the inhabitants of Igualada. These were the presentation of the book “En Guerra” (At War), by Enric Calpena, and the premiere of the play “Més que un Club”, by Joan Valentí. Both events took place at the Teatre de l’Aurora in Igualada.

Presentation of the book “En Guerra”

The first event was the literary one, with the presentation of the book “En Guerra”, written by the historian and journalist Enric Calpena. In addition to the author of the book, the event co-organised by Òmnium Cultural and the Teatre de l’Aurora was attended by Toni Claramunt, president of the PB Igualada, and Macià Oliva, a university student from Igualada, who introduced the event. More than 50 people attended the presentation, in which Calpena reviewed the preparation of the book, with anecdotes and other curiosities about its contents. Rossend Calvé, FC Barcelona board member during the 1930s and the architect of the Mexican tour that saved the Club during the rise of Franco’s regime, played a special role. The event concluded with a question and answer session and a book signing by Enric Calpena.

Premiere of “Més que un Club”

The following day, the Teatre de l’Aurora was completely full with more than 100 people for the premiere of the play “Més que un Club”, directed by David Pintó and performed by Joan Valentí. It is an hour-long monologue that recalls the adventures and misadventures of FC Barcelona from its founding until 1978, in the midst of the Spanish Transition, focusing especially on the political persecution suffered by the Club. Once the book was finished, a round table discussion was held with the presence of Joan Valentí himself, the historian Josep Maria Solé i Sabaté, and the vice-president of the World Confederation of Supporters’ Clubs, Salva Torres. Also present was the granddaughter of Rossend Calvet, as well as the president of the PB Igualada, Toni Claramunt.

On Friday 17 May, the PB Igualada will hold a gala dinner to commemorate its 65th anniversary. Other events are also planned throughout the year to continue celebrating this milestone in its history as a Barcelona supporters’ club.