PB Vallirana organizes its first women’s football tournament

The 1st SHE Cup brought together more than 25 teams divided into seven categories between U12 and veterans.

Women’s football continues to consolidate itself as one of the big commitments within the FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs movement. One of the latest entities to demonstrate this has been the Penya Blaugrana de Vallirana (Federació de Penyes del Baix Llobregat), which recently organized the 1st SHE Cup, its first women’s football tournament. The 7-a-side football competition,played over a whole day at the Vallirana Municipal Field, brought together more than 25 teams in seven categories-from U12 to veterans-and was attended by more than 200 players..

Among the participating clubs, the presence of other penyes such as Penya Blaugrana de Cervelló (Fed. Baix Llobregat) and Penya Blaugrana d’Igualada – Secció Esportiva Ateneu (Fed. Anoia, Alt Penedés i Garraf) also stood out. Teams from the Baix Llobregat region, as well as from other parts of Catalonia, also competed, demonstrating the great success of the event. The excitement, but also the fair play and good atmosphere, were the main tone of this 1st SHE Cup of the PB Vallirana.

Homage to Paquita Linares

During the celebration of the tournament, the PB Vallirana wanted to pay a small tribute to Paquita Linares, one of the great promoters of women’s football in Catalonia, and specifically in the Baix Llobregat. A former executive of the Catalan Football Federation, Linares has always been closely linked to Vallirana and its blaugrana supporters’ club and was instrumental in the creation of the first women’s team in the locality.

Given the success of this first edition, PB Vallirana is already considering the SHE Cup as a project that will have continuity in the future. In this way, the organization will continue to contribute to the growth of women’s football in its territory, as many FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs around the world are already doing.