Press statement on the ticket sales process for the Women’s Champions League final

The World Confederation of FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs wishes to express its discomfort and indignation at the unfortunate management by the FC Barcelona Board of Directors in the distribution of tickets for the Women’s Champions League final to be played in Bilbao on 25 May, in which FC Barcelona members and supporters’ clubs were left out, thus failing to comply with the preference criteria that the Club itself had previously communicated.

Throughout the season, the Confederation has been receiving complaints from some of the territorial federations that make up our penyes movement about the lack of transparency in the distribution of tickets for matches that the first team has played in different territories. Now, being a European final, we consider that the management should have been exemplary for the sake of the thousands of members and supporters who have always shown loyalty and support for the Club of which we are a part.

That is why we demand to the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona:

  • A convincing explanation for this nonsense;
  • That the members of FC Barcelona are not deceived by contradictory explanations, and that we are truly valued as the real owners of the Club;
  • That a constructive dialogue is opened, once and for all, between the Club and the organisation that represents the collective interests of the FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs Movement, so that the distribution of tickets is once again managed according to the criteria approved in the assemblies of the 30 federations of FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs, both for the finals of our teams and for the matches where FC Barcelona is the visitor team;
  • That corrective measures are taken in the Social Department to avoid this kind of situation, which has already occurred previously in this term of office, and which harms the interests of FC Barcelona members and supporters’ clubs.

The 18,000 Barça members who are currently part of the supporters’ clubs, as well as the total of 165,000 supporters’ clubs members, are also Barça. Therefore, any action we can take together with the Board of Directors will always be to the benefit of our Club.

Visca el Barça, and visca les Penyes del FC Barcelona!