Stoichkov unleashes madness at the XVIII Supporters’ Clubs Meeting of Castilla y Leon

The Bulgarian presented his autobiography and took part in a colloquium and a gala dinner, as part of an event that brought together around 300 Barcelona fans and also commemorated the 30th anniversary of the PB Leonesa

The XVIII Supporters’ Clubs Meeting of Castilla y Leon will be particularly well remembered in the FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs movement. This event, organised by the Peña Leonesa FC Barcelona on the occasion of its 30th anniversary and also by the Federación de Peñas de Castilla y Leon, had a very special guest: Hristo Stoichkov. The Bulgarian landed in the city of León last Friday and was the guest star during a day full of emotions with the 300 Barcelona fans who attended the celebration.

A day full of memories

The events began with a reception at the León City Hall by the Mayor of León, José Antonio Díez. Afterwards, Stoichkov took part in a colloquium in which he presented his autobiography and had a lively conversation with Juan Carlos Rodríguez, his team-mate in the Dream Team, and former referees Ildefonso Urizar Azpitarte (whom Hristo stepped on during a Barça-Madrid match at the Camp Nou) and Rafa Guerrero. The day concluded with a gala dinner to mark the tribute by the Castilla y Leon supporters’ clubs to the Bulgarian player.

High representation of supporters’ clubs

Félix Romasanta, president of the PB Leonesa, and Nicolás Pérez, president of the Federación de Peñas de Castilla y León, hosted the meeting. The event was attended by the vice-president of the social area of FC Barcelona, Antonio Escudero. Also present was Antoni Guil, president of the Confederació Mundial de Penyes. In addition to most of the supporters’ clubs from Castilla y León, also in attendance were entities from other territories: Fed. Vallès; Fed. Anoia, Alt Penedès i Garraf; Fed. Madrid; Fed. Asturias y Cantabria; Fed. Aragón, La Rioja y Navarra; and Fed. Andalusia, Ceuta y Melilla.