The penyes are already receiving the Penyista Cards 2024 in physical format

After sending the Penyista Card 2024 in digital format to more than 160,000 supporters around the world, the Confederació Mundial de Penyes is now in the process of sending the physical version of this card. In total, more than 120 penyes from different territories have sent their request, which has resulted in 20,000 units of the physical Penyista Card that are currently being distributed. The cards will be received by the supporters’ clubs, and these will be responsible for distributing them among their members.

This year, the Confederació Mundial de Penyes launched its Penyista Card 2024 in exclusively digital format for all supporters but offered the option of receiving it also in physical format to all those penyes that so wished. In this way, FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs reinforce their sense of belonging to the penyes movement.

Soon, the digital card will also be accessible from the Confederation’s e-Site for all registered supporters who have a Digital Identity. Among other things, the Digital Identity allows them to access the Club del Penyista, where they have exclusive offers and discounts on more than 300 commercial brands.