The supporters’ clubs’ movement mourns the loss of Jaume Múria

He has been president of the Federació de Penyes Anoia, Alt Penedès i Garraf for the last four years

The FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs’ movement is mourning the loss of one of its great representatives, Jaume Múria Chaure. Linked for years to the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, Jaume has been president of the Penya Barcelonista La Granada (2014-2021); vice-president of the Federació Anoia, Alt Penedès i Garraf (2009-2017) and president of the same Federation for the last four years.

Antoni Guil, president of the Confederation, values all the work done not only from the federation, but also from his own supporters’ club. “Jaume is synonymous with a great Barcelonista, with a tireless capacity and desire to transform the movement. We have always shared the feeling of belonging to the collective, which was deeply rooted in his figure”. Members of the Supporters’ Clubs Council said their goodbyes to Jaume together with his family and friends at the Les Corts morgue.

Raül Casado, current vice-president of the Federation, said that he has lost “a very special friend”: “He opened the doors of his home to me and treated me like family. Working together has been a very gratifying experience. For me, being his right-hand man has been a daily and constant learning experience, and by extension for the whole Board. With effort and dedication, he always wanted to keep the union of the supporters’ movement of our Federation alive”. Jordi Abellán, president of the Federation at the time when Jaume was vice-president and current Deputy Trustee of Supporters’ Clubs, has also highlighted their friendly relationship over the years: “We have always supported each other. He was a person worthy of his position and showed the supporters all his esteem. I am very sorry for his loss”.

A great person, culé and supporter has left us. Nevertheless, the figure of Jaume will always be present and remain within the supporters’ clubs’ movement.

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