A young member of PB San Diego trains with PB Cinc Copes

The blaugrana community that the supporters’ clubs movement creates on a global scale is demonstrated time and time again by the continuous exchanges, visits, agreements and synergies that take place between penyes around the world. One of the latest examples was recently found with the Penya Blaugrana San Diego (Federación Mundo) and the Penya Barcelonista … Read more

Gala celebration at the PB Igualada for its 65th anniversary

After celebrating several cultural and historical events during the last weeks, the Penya Blaugrana Igualada (Federació Anoia, Alt Penedès i Garraf) reached the high point of its 65th anniversary celebrations last Saturday with a big gala party in its town. The event was attended by more than 70 supporters, penya members and FC Barcelona fans, … Read more