Gala celebration at the PB Igualada for its 65th anniversary

The event was attended by distinguished guests and paid tribute to the members of the PB Igualada with more than 25 years of seniority.

After celebrating several cultural and historical events during the last weeks, the Penya Blaugrana Igualada (Federació Anoia, Alt Penedès i Garraf) reached the high point of its 65th anniversary celebrations last Saturday with a big gala party in its town. The event was attended by more than 70 supporters, penya members and FC Barcelona fans, led by the president of the PB Igualada, Toni Claramunt, who acted as host for the evening.

On behalf of FC Barcelona, the vice-president Antonio Escudero attended, and Antonio Olmo, former Barça player and current secretary of the Agrupació Barça Jugadors, did not miss it either. The day also had the support of the municipality, with the presence of Sandra de la Iglesia and Josep Maria Carpi on behalf of the Igualada City Council. Alba Vergés, vice-president of the Parlament de Catalunya board, was also present. After their speeches, the PB Igualada gave silver badges of the entity to the members with more than 25 years of seniority, and also blew out the candles of a commemorative cake. The comedian Guillem Estadella closed the evening.

More events to continue the 65th anniversary

The PB Igualada is not ending here the events of its 65th anniversary. From 10 to 29 June,the penya will offer an exhibition on its historical trajectory will be held at the Regional Archive of Igualada,and on June 13 there will be an act of transfer of the documentary collection of the supporters’ club to the same Regional Archive, so that it will be guarded and available for public consultation. That same day, there will be a conference entitled “Desperta el Barça. La final de Basilea 1979” (Barça awakens. The 1797 final in Basel), by the historian and doctoral candidate Víctor Garrido.