Farewell to Alberto Caloggero: a benchmark for the penyes in South America

Caloggero was vice-president of the FCB World Federation and president of the PB Nicolau Casaus in Buenos Aires, and was a key contributor to the expansion of the penyes movement in South America.

Last week, the Barcelona supporters’ clubs movement received with dismay the news of the death of Alberto Caloggero, vice-president of the FCB World Federation, president of the Penya Barcelonista Nicolau Casaus in Buenos Aires and member of the FC Barcelona Penyes Advisory Council. The president of the Confederació Mundial de Penyes, Antoni Guil, as well as the entire Penyes Council, the FCB World Federation, the rest of the territorial federations and supporters’ clubs from all over the world have expressed their sadness at the loss of Caloggero and recognised his great work throughout his life.

In addition to presiding over the Penya Barcelonista Nicolau Casaus, which is currently the longest-running supporters’ club on the American continent, Caloggero never stopped being deeply involved in the blaugrana movement. As head of the South America area of the FCB World Federation, he contributed to the growth of the group and, thanks to his great charisma, he became a highly respected and loved figure among the supporters’ clubs in the region.

Commitment to Barça and Catalonia

One of the facets that made him most popular was his radio show “Barça Radio”, broadcasted from 2004 until this summer. Through this show, he transmitted his passion for FC Barcelona, reported on everything related to the Club and also spread its history. In fact, two of his regular collaborators were the current responsibles for the “Barça i Catalunya” conferences: Salva Torres, vice-president of the Confederació Mundial de Penyes, and Xavier Gamper, grandson of the Club’s founder.

Caloggero had Catalan roots on his grandfather’s side, who was responsible for instilling in him the blaugrana passion, and he was also very committed to the defense and dissemination of Catalan culture in Argentina. It is no coincidence, then, that the Penya Barcelonista Nicolau Casaus has its headquarters in the Casal de Catalunya in Buenos Aires, an entity with which Caloggero worked for many years.

For all these reasons, Alberto Caloggero will be a much-remembered figure in the supporters’ club movement and in the FC Barcelona fan collective in general.