The PB Nicolau Casaus pays homage to Alberto Caloggero

On the occasion of the Clásico, the penya from Buenos Aires brought together supporters, friends and relatives of Caloggero to remember his figure and also the great blaugrana legacy he leaves behind.

The Penya Barcelonista Nicolau Casaus, located in Buenos Aires, organised last Saturday an emotional tribute to its president for 24 years, Alberto Caloggero, who passed away just over a month ago. The event took place at the site of the PB Nicolau Casaus, inside the Casal de Catalunya de Buenos Aires, an entity with which Caloggero was always very close to. Numerous members and friends of the penya gathered there, as well as family members of the honoree. In addition to the PB Nicolau Casaus itself, the FCB World Penyes Federation, of which Caloggero was vice-president, and the World Confederation of Supporters’ Clubs collaborated in the tribute.

Plaque of remembrance

Given the coincidence with the Clásico between Barça and Real Madrid, first the attendees watched the match together, and then the tribute took place. The first to remember the figure of Caloggero was Ariel Gustavo Vives, president of the Casal de Catalunya de Buenos Aires, who addressed some very moving words to all those present. Afterwards, they moved to the office of the PB Nicolau Casaus, where a minute of silence was held and a plaque in memory of Alberto Caloggero was unveiled by Pablo Chinellato, secretary of the peña, who also dedicated a few words to him. From now on, this office will bear the name of Caloggero, in recognition of his great work.

The tribute ended with the projection of several videos in memory of Caloggero, which were sent by members and friends of the peny, as well as by the FCB World Penyes Federation and the World Confederation of Supporters’ Clubs. An emotional letter from a friend of Caloggero’s was also read. It was a very special day to recognise a figure who has left a great mark on his city, as well as on the whole collective of supporters’ clubs in South America and around the world.